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Normal Dating

'Gossip is such fun

until it's all about you...'

Front cover of debut romantic title, Normal Dating.

Love is in the air at Olivia’s dinner party… until the booze takes over and Vera passes out. 


Who is this Ambrose everyone’s talking about? Vera can’t even remember him being there…

She can remember all her fellow diners moaning about how difficult it is to meet someone nice nowadays...


… and she knows only too well how hard her own daughter is finding it to get onto the dating ladder…


… even Olivia, the Town Gossip, is suspiciously silent about her own love life. What’s she keeping so secret?

Is it that the dress shop she runs with her sister, Angelina, is in deep financial trouble?

Or is it something far more serious?

When Olivia comes up with a crazy plan to open The Normal Dating Agency to save the dress shop going under – and she convinces Vera that she is the ideal person to run it – none of the three friends anticipate where love will strike next...


… but that’s what happens with NORMAL DATING.


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My  Story

Why do I love writing family entertainment so much?

Simple answer!  I am just like the women about whom I write. Their's is the life I’ve lived; one happily filled with laughter and drama in equal measure. 

Writers draw on their experience, and mine's been filled with love, giggling, adventure and mishap. From flying Concorde to being broke and slumming it, I've had the privilege to do so many things. To me, that’s what life is all about.  Living life full-pace, no matter what!


That's why I write novels, scripts and story-line for film and TV. I've even written a charity book.  I love to entertain and to do what I can to make people smile... often one of the hardest things to do; but then I love a challenge.


Come join me in my world...

My Work

I'm a romantic comedy writer, which suits me perfectly because I am just like the women about whom I write.

I'm also a screenwriter specialising in live action film and television for families and children and a producer working with


I have won and been shortlisted for numerous awards including BAFTA Rocliffe (2009) and the Windsor Fringe Kenneth Branagh Award for New Writing (2011). 

Normal Dating

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My Books

As a nurse myself, this book has made me reassess what I say to patients with cancer. It makes you look at the bigger picture.

Frances Moore - Amazon Review

The Year When Even The Dog Got Cancer

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